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Legal warning

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Disclaimer of liability Clause

ARCONVERT S.A., accepts no liability for information contained on any other website not directly managed by our webmaster.

The exclusive function of the links that appear on this page is to inform users regarding the existence of other Internet sources of information on the subject, so that they may obtain information further to that offered on this website. Such links do not imply any suggestion, invitation or recommendation to visit other websites, and therefore ARCONVERT S.A. shall not be held liable for the results obtained from such hypertext links.

Under no circumstances may ARCONVERT S.A. be held liable by third parties for any financial damages, whether direct or indirect, or loss of clientele or profits incurred as a result of using

Unless otherwise indicated, reproduction is authorised provided that the source is quoted. In the event that prior authorisation is required to reproduce or use textual or multimedia information (sound, images, programmes, etc.), such authorisation shall cancel the aforementioned general authorisation and shall clearly set out any possible restrictions of use.

Manter is committed to respecting users’ privacy. Therefore, Manter has adopted the legally required levels of personal data protection set forth in the Royal Decree 994/1999, which approves the security measures Regulations for computer files that contain personal data. Similarly, it attempts to use all the additional technical means of protection to which it has access. The ARCONVERT S.A. website may use cookies when users visit its website in order to recognise the browser and browsing language selected as well as other elements that users may configure. Users may configure their browser to warn them before accepting a cookie, and where appropriate prevent it from being saved to the hard disk. Please consult your browser’s instructions and manuals for further information.

In order to access the services provided in the private area, should such a case arise, users are generally required to register on the home page and accept the conditions that are expressly set out on the registration form. Such form specifies that personal data will be processed in total fulfilment of non-disclosure obligations and exclusively for the purposes specified in the acceptance agreement for the conditions of use of ARCONVERT S.A.’s services and / or contents. In this respect, a manager will specify to what end such personal data will be processed and by what means for each specific service or content, drawing up the privacy policy and guaranteeing that the service or content fulfils such policy:

Privacy statement: In the privacy statement, ARCONVERT S.A. sets out its policy regarding the use of the information that you provide, what information is collected, for what purpose and by what technical means:

Users (customers) of are responsible for protecting their username and access code (or password) from unauthorised use. Users are liable for any use made of using their username and access code.
In the case of any unauthorised use or disclosure of your username and access code, please inform our legal department immediately by e-mail 

Personal data protection

Rights to access, cancel, rectify and oppose:

Regarding the services and content offered on the website.

Users have established rights to access, cancel, rectify and oppose data and may exercise them. Equally, they are entitled to be informed of any assignment of their data by contacting Manter by e-mail or in writing to the following address: ARCONVERT S.A., Ref. Protección de datos, Carretera de Cartellà, nº 6;  17150 - Sant Gregori (Girona) 

Conditions of use

A service (or content) on is a service or resource made available on the Internet for the following objectives:

The use of the website is governed by the regulations set out in this legal warning. By using it, you accept the conditions of use. and all the material belonging to the company ARCONVERT S.A.,Registered in the Trade Registry of Girona· volume 2762 · book 0 · sheet 89 · page GI-2845 · ESA-17001801. Fiscal Address: Pol. Ind. Centre -Ctra. Cartellà, 6 · 17150 Sant Gregori (Girona) · Spain


  • Informative services, which provide citizens, the media, business, administrations and other decision-takers with easy and effective access to information, thus increasing transparency and understanding of the policies and activities of Manter
  • Interactive communication services, that allow better contacts with citizens, the media, business, civil society and public actors thus facilitating enquiries about Manter’s initiatives and policies
  • Transaction services, that allow access to all basic kinds of transactions from the private area, such as, for example, financial operations and personnel transactions, event enrolment, obtaining courses or conferences, acquisition or purchase of documents, etc.


The modification of the materials or the use thereof for any other purpose constitutes a breach of Copyright and other trademark rights.

For legal reasons, ARCONVERT S.A. may and must provide whatever information is required to the competent authorities in fulfilment of Spanish laws if a court order is issued, which only occurs if a Judge has strong suspicions that the user is acting illegally. In this event, and in order to collaborate with the authorities and provided there is a court order, ARCONVERT S.A. may register and hand to the police all information related to the user’s IP address to identify the user’s connection as well as the exact time of connection, user name and password along with all the required information. In any case, the IP address and information related to connecting times will only be registered for the services the user is suspected of having used illegally.



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